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Makar Sankranti, also known as Uttarayan, is a vibrant and culturally rich festival celebrated across India. This auspicious occasion marks the transition of the sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn, symbolizing the end of the winter solstice and the beginning of longer days. While the festival is widely celebrated throughout the country, it holds special significance in several states. In this article, we will answer the question – Makar Sankranti festival is celebrated in which state?

Makar Sankranti festival is celebrated in which state

Makar Sankranti in Gujarat

Gujarat, known for its colorful and lively celebrations, embraces Makar Sankranti with great enthusiasm. The state witnesses massive kite-flying competitions, adding an exciting dimension to the festivities. The skies are adorned with vibrant kites of various shapes and sizes, creating a spectacular visual display. People from all walks of life come together to participate in the spirited kite battles, making Makar Sankranti a memorable experience in Gujarat.

Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, Makar Sankranti is celebrated as ‘Makar Sankrant’ or ‘Tilgul’. The festival holds a special place in the hearts of Maharashtrians, who exchange tilgul (sesame and jaggery sweets) and greet each other with the traditional phrase “Tilgul ghya, god god bola” which translates to “Accept these tilguls and speak sweet words.” The state witnesses colorful processions, with people donning traditional attire and participating in cultural events to mark the occasion.

Makar Sankranti in Karnataka

Karnataka celebrates Makar Sankranti with the famous tradition of ‘ellu-bella,’ where people exchange a mixture of sesame seeds, jaggery, coconut, peanuts, and gram. The festival is marked by various cultural activities, including traditional dance forms and music performances. The spirit of Makar Sankranti resonates throughout Karnataka, fostering a sense of unity and joy among the residents.

Makar Sankranti in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, with its diverse cultural tapestry, celebrates Makar Sankranti with unique customs and rituals. Devotees take a holy dip in the sacred rivers, especially the Ganges, to cleanse their sins. The day is marked by various festivities, including community feasts and special prayers in temples. The spirit of Makar Sankranti in Uttar Pradesh reflects the religious and cultural diversity of the state.

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Makar Sankranti, celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm across India, brings people together to rejoice in the changing seasons and express gratitude for nature’s bounties. While the festival is a pan-Indian celebration, but when it comes to the question – Makar Sankranti festival is celebrated in which state significantly? Answer is – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. Each state adds its own unique flavor to the festivities. Whether it’s the colorful kite-flying in Gujarat, the tilgul exchange in Maharashtra, the ellu-bella tradition in Karnataka, or the sacred dips in Uttar Pradesh, Makar Sankranti exemplifies the unity in diversity that defines India’s cultural landscape.