Hindu Calendar 2023

The Hindu Calendar is an important tool used by millions of people around the world to plan their daily activities, festivals, and rituals. The year 2023 is fast approaching, and it’s time to start preparing for the new year. Whether you’re a Hindu or simply interested in learning more about the Hindu culture, the Hindu Calendar 2023 is now available for you to read and download.

The Hindu Calendar is a lunar calendar based on the cycles of the moon. It is divided into twelve months and each month is named after a different star or constellation. The calendar is based on a complex system of calculations that takes into account the movements of the sun, moon, and planets. This ensures that the calendar is accurate and aligned with the natural rhythms of the universe.

The Hindu Calendar is not just a list of dates and events. It’s also a way of life that reflects the spiritual beliefs and practices of the Hindu religion. It includes important festivals such as Diwali, Holi, and Navratri, as well as important auspicious days for weddings, ceremonies, and other important events.

The Hindu Calendar 2023 is available in a variety of formats, including online, print, and mobile. You can easily access the calendar on your computer or mobile device, or you can print it out and hang it up in your home or office. With the Hindu Calendar 2023, you can stay organized and plan your activities in advance.

Get your copy of the Hindu Calendar 2023 today and experience the magic of this ancient tradition.

Calendar 2023 January

The Hindu calendar for January 2023 marks the beginning of the Gregorian year. The month of January is known as Magha and is considered an auspicious month for new beginnings. It is also the time of several important festivals such as Makar Sankranti, Pongal, and Basant Panchami. Check the Hindu calendar for the exact dates of these festivals in January 2023.

2 JanuaryPosh Putrada Ekadashi
5 JanuaryGuru Gobind Singh Jayanti
6 JanuaryPaush Purnima, Shakambhari Purnima
10 JanuarySakat Chauth
14 JanuaryLohri
15 JanuaryMakar Sankranti, Pongal
18 JanuaryShattila Ekadashi
21 JanuaryMauni Amavasya
25 JanuaryBasant Panchami
28 JanuaryBhishma Ashtami
Hindu Calendar 2023 January

February 2023 Calendar with Holidays

Celebrate the month of love with our comprehensive calendar featuring all the important Hindu festivals and public holidays. Enjoy Maha Shivaratri on February 18th. Stay organized and plan ahead with our February 2023 calendar.

1 FebruaryJaya Ekadashi
5 FebruaryGuru Ravidas Jayanti, Maghi Purnima
16 FebruaryVijaya Ekadashi
18 FebruaryShiva Puja, Maha Shivaratri
20 FebruaryPhalguna Amavasya
February 2023 Calendar with Holidays

March 2023 Calendar with Holidays

In March 2023, the Hindu calendar marks several important festivals and events, including Holi, Chaitra Navratri, and Gudi Padwa. Additionally, there are several regional holidays observed in different parts of India during this month. Check out the March 2023 calendar with holidays to plan your celebrations accordingly.

3 MarchAmalaki Ekadashi
7 MarchPhalguna Purnima, Holi
9 MarchBhratri Dwitiya
12 MarchRang Panchami
14 MarchSheetla Saptami
15 MarchSheetla Ashtami
18 MarchPapmochani Ekadashi
21 MarchChaitra Amavasya
22 MarchCheti Chand, Gudi Padwa
22 March – 30 MarchChaitra Navratri
30 MarchRam Navami, Swami Narayan Jayanti
March 2023 Calendar with Holidays

2023 April Calendar

In the Hindu calendar, April 2023 falls in the month of Chaitra and Vaishakha. This period marks the onset of the Hindu New Year and is considered highly auspicious for new beginnings. The calendar for April 2023 includes important festivals such as Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti, and Akshaya Tritiya, which are celebrated with great fervor and devotion by Hindus across the world. Plan your activities in advance with the 2023 April calendar.

1 AprilKamada Ekadashi
4 AprilMahavir Jayanti
5 AprilPanguni Uthiram
6 AprilChitra Pournami, Hanuman Jayanti
14 AprilBaisakhi, Bihu, Puthandu, Mesha Sankranti
15 AprilVishu Kani, Pohela Boishakh
16 AprilVaruthini Ekadashi, Vallabhacharya Jayanti
22 AprilAkshaya Tritiya, Parshuram Jayanti
27 AprilGanga Saptami, Sita Navami
2023 April Calendar


May 2023 in the Hindu Calendar marks the start of the Jyeshta month. This month is considered auspicious for performing pujas and yajnas. Important festivals during this month include Vat Savitri Vrat and Ganga Dussehra. The May Calendar 2023 provides the exact dates for these and other significant events, allowing Hindus to plan and prepare accordingly.

1 MayMohini Ekadashi
4 MayNarasimha Jayanti
5 MayKurma Jayanti, Buddha Purnima, Vaishakha Purnima
6 MayNarada Jayanti
9 MayRabindranath Tagore Jayanti
15 MayVrishabha Sankranti, Apara Ekadashi
19 MayShani Jayanti, Jyestha Amavasya
22 MayMaharana Pratap Jayanti
30 MayGanga Dussehra
31 MayNirjala Ekadashi, Gayatri Jayanti
May Calendar 2023

June Calendar 2023

June is an important month in the Hindu calendar, with several festivals and auspicious occasions falling in this period. In the year 2023, June is no exception, with events such as Nirjala Ekadashi, Jagannath Rath Yatra, and Ganga Dussehra among the major highlights. Here is a detailed June Calendar 2023 with all the important dates and timings.

3 JuneVaikasi Visakam, Vat Purnima
4 JuneJyestha Purnima
7 JuneKrishnapingala Sankashti Chaturthi
14 JuneYogini Ekadashi
18 JuneAshadha Amavasya
20 JuneJagannath Rath Yatra
21 JuneWorld Yoga Day
29 JuneDevshayani Ekadashi, Gauri Vrat
30 JuneVasudev Dwadashi
June Calendar 2023


July 2023 marks the beginning of the Hindu month of Shravan, which is considered auspicious for worship and spiritual practices. The July 2023 Hindu calendar also includes important festivals such as Guru Purnima and Hariyali Teej. Check out the July 2023 calendar for all the important dates and events.

2 JulyKokila Vrat
3 JulyVyasa Puja, Guru Purnima
4 JulySawan Somwar Vrat
6 JulyJaya Parvati Vrat
13 JulyKamika Ekadashi
15 JulyShravan Shivratri
16 JulyKarka Sankranti
17 JulyHariyali Amavasya, Shravan Amavasya
July 2023 Calendar

August 2023 Calendar

August 2023 is an important month in the Hindu calendar as it marks the celebration of the festival of Raksha Bandhan, which falls on the 30th of August. It is a time for brothers and sisters to strengthen their bond of love and affection. Stay tuned to the August 2023 Hindu calendar for all the upcoming festivities.

3 AugustAadi Perukku
19 AugustHaryali Teej
21 AugustNag Panchami
25 AugustVaralakshmi Vrat
27 AugustShravan Putrada Ekadashi
29 AugustOnam
30 AugustRaksha Bandhan
August 2023 Calendar


The Hindu calendar for September 2023 is filled with significant dates and events. Some of the notable days include Ganesh Chaturthi, Pitrupaksha, and Mahalaya Amavasya. People celebrate these days with great enthusiasm and devotion. Here’s a detailed 2023 September calendar with all the important dates and festivals.

2 SeptemberKajari Teej
5 SeptemberShitala Satam, Janmashtami
6 SeptemberDahi Handi, Aja Ekadashi, Hartalika Teej
10 SeptemberAja Ekadashi
17 SeptemberVishwakarma Jayanti
19 SeptemberGanesh Chaturthi
20 SeptemberSamvatsari, Rishi Panchami
22 SeptemberDurva Ashtami
23 SeptemberRadha Ashtami
25 SeptemberParivartini Ekadashi
26 SeptemberVaman Jayanti
28 SeptemberGanesh Visarjan, Anant Chaturthi
2023 September Calendar

October 2023 Calendar

October 2023 marks an eventful month in the Hindu calendar with several festivals and important dates. The month starts with Mahalaya Amavasya, followed by Navratri, Vijayadashami, and Karwa Chauth. Refer to the October 2023 Hindu calendar to keep track of all the important events and festivities.

10 OctoberIndira Ekadashi
14 OctoberMahalaya Amavasya, Sarvapitru Amavasya
15 October – 24 OctoberSharad Navratri
24 OctoberDurga Visarjan, Dussehra
25 OctoberPapankusha Ekadashi
28 OctoberKojagari Laxmi Puja, Sharad Purnima


November 2023 marks the beginning of the Hindu month of Margashirsha. This month is considered auspicious for various rituals and ceremonies. Some important dates in the November 2023 Hindu Calendar include Ekadashi on November 9th and 23st, and Pradosh Vrat on November 10th and 24th. Refer to the November 2023 Hindu Calendar for more details on these and other important dates.

1 NovemberKarva Chauth
5 NovemberAhoi Ashtami
9 NovemberRama Ekadashi, Govatsa Dwadashi
10 NovemberDhanteras, Laxmi Puja
12 NovemberNarak Chaturdashi, Diwali, Kartik Amavasya
13 NovemberGujarati new Year, Vikram Samvat
14 NovemberGowardhan Puja, Bhai Dooj
18 NovemberLabh Pancham
19 NovemberChhath Puja
20 NovemberGopa Ashtami
21 NovemberAkshay Navami
23 NovemberDev Uthani Ekadashi
24 NovemberTulsi Vivah
25 NovemberVaikunth Chaturdashi, Vishweshwar Vrat, Dev Diwali
27 NovemberBhishma Panchak Vrat, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Kartik Purnima

December 2023 Calendar

December 2023 marks the end of another year in the Hindu calendar. The month is packed with religious observances, including the celebration of Gita Jayanti and the start of Margashirsha month. Those interested in the December 2023 calendar for Hindu festivals and important dates can find detailed information online. Don’t miss out on this spiritual and culturally significant month.

5 DecemberKaal Bhairav Jayanti
8 DecemberUtpanna Ekadashi
17 DecemberVivah Panchami
18 DecemberChampa Shashti
22 DecemberGita Jayanti, Mokshda Ekadashi
26 DecemberDattatreya Jayanti, Margashirsha Purnima
30 DecemberAkhuratha Sankashti Chaturthi

The Hindu Calendar 2023 is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay connected to the rich cultural heritage of Hinduism. Whether you are planning important events or simply seeking guidance for your daily life, this calendar is an indispensable tool. With its comprehensive listings of festivals, auspicious days, and planetary positions, the Hindu Calendar 2023 offers a wealth of information to help you navigate the year ahead. So make sure to keep it handy and consult it regularly to make the most of all the opportunities that 2023 has in store.